"We never know the worth of water till the well is dry." -Thomas Fuller


cleaning products

  1. Green certified cleaning products are used throughout city facilities. These products are from renewable sources and prevent environmental pollution.
  2. All city vacuum cleaners use Hepa filtration systems to minimize particulate matter in office environments.
  3. Many city facilities have been outfitted with LED (light emitting diode) lighting systems which operate at 1/4 the cost of traditional lights and lower maintenance costs considerably as well. The anticipated payback time of a new LED light is three years.
  4. The city is changing to a much more efficient boiler system to increase efficiency associated with heating facilities.
  5. Thornton is in the process of replacing two chillers, which will be much more efficient than the existing ones.
  6. Window tinting several years ago has helped considerably.
  7. Thornton has two solar photovoltaic systems, one on the Civic Center and one on the Carpenter Recreation Center.
  8. Reflective rooves have been installed on the Civic Center, the Police and Courts buildings, and the Carpenter Recreation Center. All new city facilities are being outfitted with reflective rooves.
  9. Energy audits have been conducted on some Thornton Fire Stations.