"The future is green energy, sustainability, renewable energy." -Arnold Schwarzenegger


Thornton has dramatically increased the number of hybrid vehicles in its fleet in recent years, effectively doubling fuel economy, reducing maintenance requirements, and improving vehicle reliability.

  1. All new diesel vehicles are now using tier 4 emissions technology, which reduces emissions to nearly zero.
  2. Vehicles which have traditionally required a high level of maintenance, repair, and service are being phased out and replaced with improved models.
  3. The majority of Thornton's equipment is now on a 10 year replacement cycle, which is a doubling of the 5 year cycle that much of it was on in earlier years.
  4. Vehicle tires are chosen to provide longer service life and improved vehicle fuel economy.
  5. All forklifts are now powered by propane.
  6. Thornton is in the process of exploring the possibility of moving toward all electric vehicles.
  7. Thornton shares gasoline and diesel pumps, propane, vehicle wash facilities, and salt & sand storage with the Adams 12 School District.