"What's the use of a fine house if you haven't got a tolerable planet to put it on?" -Henry David Thoreau

Landscape Architecture

The Thornton Landscape Architecture office helps to ensure that landscape improvements conducted within Thornton are done so in a water-efficient and environmentally-friendly way.

The following procedures are used:

  1. Require new landscapes and irrigation systems to be designed to the water-wise principles in the City Code and inspect during installation to verify conformance to the approved plans
  2. Require soil amendments to help ensure that landscape plants grow and thrive
  3. Require biodiversity of trees and shrubs to attract a range of wildlife and maintain resiliency against potential diseases
  4. Work to preserve historical ecological features such as natural areas and mature stands of trees
  5. Keep waterways and ditches open as much as possible to provide habitat for native wildlife
  6. Encourage the use of native and drought-tolerant sod alternatives such as buffalo, blue grama, and western wheat to reduce irrigation water demand